the others by Dylan Singleton

To clear the air: yes, I've been watching a lot of LOST lately and that is what inspired the title.

I've been taking a photo a day for almost a year and a half now (give or take those few days where I messed up) and this has left we with a whole lot of photos on my computer. Currently, I have almost 27,000 photos on my computer from 2013 alone, and I only posted 365 of them to A Dylan A Day. That leaves roughly, let's see how rusty my math is... 26,735 photos that didn't make it to ADAD. Let's say, hypothetically, that I shared another 100 of those on my flickr or twitter or facebook (my instagram is a whole other beast) then we're still at 26,635 photos. Just sitting there collecting dust or something.

Well, why keep them?

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