snow money snow problems by Dylan Singleton

Last year I wrote about how we here in the DMV like to "under-prepare for, and overreact to, the snow." This time, the joke's on everybody else: when you have almost 3 feet of snow it's pretty much impossible to overreact to it!

Fortunately Sam and I stowed our car in a garage in the weekend -- so instead of spending two hours digging it out, we got to go on a snow-venture!

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it's snow problem by Dylan Singleton

It’s a time-tested fact that we here in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) like to under-prepare for, and overreact to, the snow. Personally, I love the snow, but absolutely hate the cold. In my opinion, if it’s going to be cold out then it gosh darn better snow.

But love triumphs hate, so on those days when we are graced by this fluffy form of precipitation, I just can’t help but to bundle up, grab my camera, and start snapping.

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