finding franklin falls / by Dylan Singleton

Last month while Sam and I were visiting some friends in Seattle, they decided to take a day to visit Franklin Falls, a beautiful and awe-inspiring waterfall that's supposed to be even more stunning in the winter. It sounded like fun, so we went with them. 

Thing is, we never made it to the falls. Didn't even get close, really.

Instead, we spent a couple hours walking along a route that we thought would take us to the falls. In reality, unbeknownst to us, our route took us to a path that was then supposed to take us to the falls. So, of course you must be wondering why didn't you just elongate your adventure and take the path to the falls? Well, it was getting dark and we wanted to play it safe... oh, and EVERYTHING WAS COVERED IN FIVE FEET OF SNOW. FIVE. FEET.

In fact, the route that we had taken had also been covered in five feet of snow, but it was piled on top of a road, and had been packed down by all of the people (and a handful of Jeeps) that had taken it previously, so we could walk on it without sinking in like a cartoon villain in quicksand.

Anyways, any frustration that might have come from not actually seeing Franklin Falls was completely overcome by what we did see:

Ps. Hope you liked the pictures! I'm going to a Wilco concert tonight and I couldn't be more excited. You should listen to some Wilco.