dc unted vs. olympique marseille by Dylan Singleton

On 7/24/19, DC United took on Olympique Marseille in a friendly at Audi Field. The torrential rain was kind enough to let up right around kickoff, for which I will be eternally grateful.

jukebox the ghost & the greeting committee at the 9:30 club by Dylan Singleton

Without thinking too hard about it, I'm pretty sure that Jukebox the Ghost are one of the bands that I've seen the most live in my life. For a good reason, too. They just put on a fun as hell show. It's not often that you see a band bust out the ole keytar... during their first song of the night. Their opener this time around, The Greeting Committee, also came to party.

It was a good night.

sofar sounds x 1800 tequilla (5/5/18) by Dylan Singleton

On May 5th, Sofar Sounds and 1800 Tequila teamed up to put on shows in five different cities to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Called the Cinco Series, the goal was to showcase local acts from each city's hip-hop and R&B scene, all while enjoying a little tequila. Washington DC's lineup boasted three incredible DMV-based acts—Saba AbrahaMatt McGhee, and IDK—that blew the roof off the place. Here's some shots photos of that night:

sofar sounds (4/15/17) by Dylan Singleton

Sofar Sounds is an organization putting on "gigs in intimate spaces around the world." Attendees aren't told the location of the show until the day before, and they don't know they lineup until they arrive. It's great. To learn more about Sofar (you should), click here.

As a photographer for the Washington DC branch of Sofar, I've had the opportunity to see a myriad of different acts doing their thing in all kinds of places. Many a magical moment were had. Hopefully I can sway you into checking it out.

Here are some photos from the 4/15/17 show featuring Margot MacDonald, Josh Kuderna, and the Blue Dot Jazz Troupe: